Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Milestone Down

Well, in short, I graduated.  Stay tuned for the "in long" version.

Friday the 13 I graduated.  Yes, I have many posts about how significant that date is for my family.  Pretty cool. What was not cool was the length of my ceremony.  The family and I met at Ingredient, a sandwich/wrap/burger place close to campus. After a quick dinner, we headed to the Hearnes Center at 7pm.  FOUR HOURS LATER I left.  Here is a picture of me: (and please forgive the quality of these photos.  Iphones: they're convenient but there not professional quality).

Just kidding.  Look closer

Still kidding.  This is my mom's view.  Here's from my view

Yes, that's me.  You can tell now that one of those little blue hoods in the other pics was me.  Next to me is my friend Jonathan.  We started the program together and met on interview day a little more than two years ago.  We shared several classes, tons of comments, papers, beverages and conversations.  It is only fitting that we got to end our journey to our masters' degrees together.  Jonathan is a little crazier than me and decided to continue on, without stopping, to a PhD.  I wish him the best and promise to be there as the non-stressed, non-school person when he needs it.

The ceremony was for all masters, PhD, and EdD candidates, so it was a long one.  Children fell asleep, students stored snacks in their sleeves to make it through, and a few moms with cameras passed out due to exhaustion.  Just kidding.  Well, except about the kids.  A few highlights (and lowlights):

--they thanked all the moms.  The moms. At a grad ceremony where the average student age was probably 30 and a lot of people are married/ partnered.  I think that says a lot about our culture.
--They gave away 3 honorary degrees.  It was two too many.  And three too many speeches
--Each one of us on the floor was on facebook or twitter on our phones all night.  So much has changed since undergrad.
--I really did keep my cell phone (and lip gloss because I am, after all, a lady) in the long sleeve of my gown while I went on stage
--Several people cheered their loved ones on with cowbells and air horns.  Not to be outdone, my dad downloaded this beaut
Yes friends, that is a cowbell app.  How special.

In the end, I did graduate.  Here's me with the other masters in higher education students.

And my favorite photo, here's the man who put up with all the long nights, whining, and tears.

I crashed around 11 and woke up early for a great shin-dig on Saturday, hosted by my Mom (ok, maybe we should have all thanked them) and attended by friends and family.  What party is complete without a cake...

And here are some friends and fam at the party

 Yes, it was a joyous and wonderful weekend.  And it's back to reality.

If you're wanting to give me a graduation gift, don't forget you can still get a piece of our adoption puzzle by clicking on the ChipIn link.

Thanks to everyone who has loved on me and supported me in the past two years.

Here's to graduation!

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