Sunday, May 15, 2011

Puzzle Fundraiser

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Please welcome our guest poster--the Hubs himself--Eric

Greetings all!  As you can tell from the title we are starting our Bring Home Baby Puzzle Fundraiser.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘Puzzle Fundraiser!? What does it mean and how can I get involved!?’

We chose a puzzle (Klimt’s Tree of Life) and are requesting a donation of $10 for each piece. We'll print your name on the back of your piece (you can come sign it yourself if you live close), assemble and frame the puzzle in a doubl- sided frame, and hang it in Baby's room.

Why this Fundraiser?

Jess has always liked puzzles, been drawn to them, is good with them, and can play with them for hours.  I believe puzzles to be one of the most time consuming and frustratingly tedious acts on the face of the earth.  My view of puzzles being the adoption process and her view being the joy and excitement we have for Baby, this seemed like a metaphorically accurate fundraiser.  ☺

The old proverb says it takes a village to raise a child.  We also believe sometimes it takes a village to bring a child home.  This puzzle will serve as a daily reminder to us of the many people it has taken to bring him home, and will be his to keep and show his children / grandchildren.

So how exactly can you make a donation?  On the side of Jess's blog, you'll see a widget called "ChipIn."  This widget is connected directly to our PayPal account.  We suggest a donation of $10 for a piece, but feel free to donate as you wish.  You can purchase more than one piece or you can give a larger donation and request only one piece.  If you feel more comfortable donating in cash or check, send me a comment or contact me directly and we'll work something out. We'll try to give updates as the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Please feel free to pass this link on to others who may be interested.  We want this to be a true "village" with all invited to share.

This is our first blog fundraiser but will not be our last.  We know this journey to our son is a long one and we have many miles to go (literally) and many dollars to raise before we are joined.

Thank you for your prayers and support on this journey.

Eric (and Jess)


  1. Love you guys! Just bought a puzzle piece...perfect idea!

  2. This is awesome!! We contributed one puzzle piece from Dilynn and one from Lorelai. :)

  3. I want to contribute a puzzle piece! I'm not seeing the widget or link though...

  4. Awesome puzzle fundraiser idea! I would really like to help you guys out with this.

    I run We have partnered with to help families raise funds for adoption. I have an idea on how you could use our fundraising platform to sell more puzzle pieces!

    Please contact me at If you'd like to discuss this further.

    Good luck!

    Matthew Lee

  5. Hey, I saw on Kelly's Korner that you were a fundraising family. I wanted to let you know of a program we are offering to fundraising families through The Sparrow Fund ( that allows them to sell items like the ones on our fundraising Etsy site ( If you are interested in learning more about it, feel free to email me and I'll send the info along!