Friday, May 6, 2011

The Waves of Activity

For the longest time (and by longest time I mean about 2-3 weeks) I felt like nothing was happening in our paperchase.  We knew what needed to get done, but some of it is out of our control.  Financial paperwork? At a standstill because of the new job and the required extension on taxes.  Medical Paperwork? At a standstill because *shocker* it's impossible to get in to see a doc on a timely basis in this town.  Fundraising? At a standstill because of my school and some background stuff.


This week, we've had several key pieces fall into place.  God is faithful, even when I think things aren't moving. Here's the update:

 I was unable to attend our small group meeting this week because of illness. When I started feeling better, I got on Facebook and realized our small group had decided to have a garage sale for us to help get the Babe here.  I was rushed with emotion! Then, I posted on Facebook for extra goods to sell and friends, you came out of the woodwork! Thanks to everyone who has donated.  We are excited to see what happens tomorrow.

Our social worker emailed and said all of our references and our guardianship letter had been turned in.  Our dossier letters are one away, as well.  This is great news and means we are a couple steps closer!

I had my physical on Tuesday.  Let me tell you, this is kind of intense.  I had blood drawn and they checked for a lot of diseases.  A lot.  Mind you, I did not even consider the fact I might have had any of these things prior to having the blood drawn.  And then suddenly, my mind got a little worried--what if something came up I never knew about!? Luckily, I got all the bloodwork/TB test/ urinalysis back and all is well with my body.  Not that I had a worry before.  But it's still good to know.  Hubs has his physical scheduled as well.  It's still several weeks away.  Everything is in baby steps in this process.  Ironic.

I mentioned earlier we'd had a delay with our fundraising.  We were trying to set up a support account to receive tax deductible donations.  There were some complications and we'd almost given up on getting an account until after we finished our home study.  Considering we still probably have a few months left on that step, I was trying to be patient.  Yesterday, I had a scheduled lunch with one of the financial employees at our church.  I knew it was going to be a fun lunch; after all, Tanya is a fun lady.  But as she sat down after ordering, she made it more fun than I could have imagined--the church had set up our account for us months before we thought it would be possible.  What a blessing and relief!!

So, that's where we are friends.  Are we close to being done? Nope.  We probably won't be done with paperwork for several more months.  But we're closer.  Baby steps.  That's what it takes.

We're looking forward to our garage sale tomorrow.  If you need the deets, comment and I'll be happy to share.  As promised, we will also have another support-raiser on the blog within the week.

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  1. So where is this garage sale? I am in the market for some second hand stuff. :)