Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Came Home, But I Didn't Really Have Far to Go

Last Friday, my adoption family coordinator asked me to send some documents to her.  My response might have surprised her a little: "Um, I will definitely get on that but it's my college's 100th homecoming so it's just going to have to wait til Monday."  I am sure she doesn't get that often.  But seriously, people.  If there's anything I take seriously it's homecoming. I love it!!

The fight song on repeat.

The football.

The droves of people coming back with fond memories of their four (or five, or six, or ...) years here. 

The smell of a grill wafting near the stadium. 

The bug eyed kids waiting for candy and sparkly floats.

The house decs. Oh the house decs. 

And, of course, my personal friends and family.  It all intoxicates me.  I have to take a step back.  It's just too fun.

Here's the problem, though. The anticipation gets the best of me. I am well intentioned when I tell about 50 different people, "I'll see you there!" And when I RSVP  "yes" to fifteen different get-togethers in a 24 hour span, I mean it.  But it just can't happen that way.  Too much.  Too fast. 

So instead, I ended up spending this homecoming like so many others before it: having three minute conversations with people as fast as I can and then RUNNING to the next place to see more people.  I caught half the game--it was the half that mattered. We were too far ahead not to win at that point.  I missed as many events as I made.  I missed as many people as I saw.  One woman just cannot see all of homecoming.  But I did see quite a bit.  I held a brand new, three-month old tiger named Little E.  I got to feed him a bottle at a tailgate and if that's not what homecoming is about, I don't know what is. I caught up with friends from Chicago, Minneapolis, LA, New York, and other exotic locales--and saw some who live right here in the state.  Here is what I didn't do: take any pictures.

So, thank you Melissa and Hubs for donating your pictures to my cause.  Here was my fast and furious weekend.

I can't wait to do it again next year. And maybe someday I'll learn to commit to a few less people/ events.  Probably not.


  1. this will probably be a creepy comment since we're not IRL friends, but looking at those pics I kept thinking, "Wow - She's really pretty!" so I thought I should tell you, creepy or not.

  2. I too LOVE Homecoming!!!! I will soon post my pics on FB...of course we took a MILLION because of little NC. The smell of the grill wafting by the stadium....that one really got me. PS - I have the same yellow zip up Mizzou thing!