Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Man Monday

Hello Sweet Little Man,

How are you? I am praying, if you are here, you are well-loved.  This week we got the permission slip to come get you and Little Man, we are so excited.  We are waiting for a few things but will hopefully be in the official waiting line for you very, very soon.

Little IC, I have been so tired today and people keep telling me I will be so much more tired when you are here to wear me out. I have no doubt you will keep me going but I also know it will be worth every tired second!  I hear the "mom" tired is a whole different tired than anything I've ever experienced. Lucky for me (and you) the mom love is supposed to be pretty awesomely unique as well.

We got the art framed for your room this weekend. I will have to post it soon.  I can't wait until your room looks like it actually belongs to you.  One piece at a time, we are turning it into a place just for you.

Tonight, we are having a great night at home tonight relaxing, watching TV, and maybe even baking cupcakes. I look forward to the day you are here on these fun nights. You can lick the mixing spoon, just like I got to when I was a little one.  Once you are old enough, of course:).

Little man, you have our hearts.  This week went by so fast and we pray the time passes quickly until you are here.  We love you!


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  1. This is so sweet, Jess. Little Man is lucky to have you for a mom. You are going to love motherhood!