Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Man...Not So Monday

Hello Little IC,

Wow! What a week we had last week! We got our fingerprints taken so we are just one measly step away from being on a waiting list for you.  We may be waiting quite a while but we know you will be ours when the timing is right and no sooner. 

Last weekend was also homecoming for my college.  Homecoming is a big deal here--we have big parades, a great football game, neat moving decorations at the sorority and fraternity houses, and kettle corn--one of the best sugary treats around. I can't wait to have you try it. Although, I hear that Ethiopian kiddos aren't always big into sweets.  We shall see, Little Man, we shall see.  Anyway, so many things reminded me of you: the cuties running around at the parade, the little tiger hats I saw on kiddos at the quad.  I got to hold my friend's baby and depending on how old you are and when you get here, you and Little E may be around the same age.  But it kills me to think about how I am not holding you now, if you are around.  So let's talk of happy things instead, shall we?

As fun of a time as we had at this homecoming and as big as the celebration may be, it will be nothing compared to the celebration I have in my heart (and my house) when we go to get you and celebrate your Homecoming.  Kid, you are not ready for how pumped we are to be  your parents.  The plans and the hopes and the prayers--two years could be a long time but it just gives us more time to dream.  And prepare. And read lots of books.

We love you, IC. I can't wait. But I can.  Praying for for your health and safety and the health and safety of your birth family.


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