Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Man Monday on Tuesday

Hi Little Man,

I got home last night from work and planned to write you a letter. A beautiful letter--about Easter and our Savior and his love for you that was sparked before you were even a thought in your birth mother's head, let alone in my head. But my computer was at work. Whoops. Little Guy, you will learn this soon enough about me so I will just admit it now: I lose things. I tend to find them again but I am forgetful. So that favorite toy you always need? We may leave it at Grandpa and Grandma's by accident sometime. Or we may pay for a milkshake and forget to grab it from the restaurant. Yes, this is life with me. I suppose it's best I admit it now.  So the computer stayed at work last night. Forgive me for writing Monday's letter on Tuesday, will you?

Easter really was a delight. We usually go to your grandparents' house but we stayed in town to meet with some friends and help with children's ministry at church. You know what, IC? God blessed us right where we were. No surprise, really. He always does. On Friday's service, we ran out of chairs in our auditorium so we stood in the back with friends. I heard the words reminding me of God's sacrifice for us. It was so meaningful and during all this time, I could see our little friend Elise. She's from Ethiopia, just like you are. I was thinking of her when my friend Jenna leaned in to me and reminded me that you, soon enough, will be home. In our arms.  I long for that day and it was so nice that in the midst of remembering the Lord's promise of redemption he also reminded me of how he's working in and through your story. It won't be long, IC. Even if it's a few years before I gaze into your deep, beautiful eyes, in God's timing, that's not long at all.

Your dad and I spent two services on Easter morning with the kiddos. We got to hear the glorious story of our savior first and then we saw it twice through the eyes of a child your age.  R is for rescuer--and Jesus certainly was our rescuer.  I pray you grow up knowing that promise.

On a lighter note, Easter is a time here in the US where we tend to dress in our nicest clothes to show that we are celebrating Jesus' resurrection. Let me tell you, Little Man, I have plans for you. Plans, I say! Suspenders, tiny sunglasses, adorable pastels, mini bow ties. Oh you are going to be just darling on your first Easter! No, I haven't bought anything yet since we don't know how old you'll be. Don't think I haven't considered it, though. I know it's not about the clothes. After all, clothes do not make the man. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't thinking about that first Easter portrait with your dad, you, and me, all dressed in matching garb. It's going to be a fun time.

Oh Little Man, time marches on. Good thing, too, because every day brings us one day closer to meeting you. I love you and pray for you earnestly. Let's chat again soon.



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