Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hi Little Man,

Happy Monday! Little man, this week is big. The biggest. This Sunday, we celebrate Easter. This week we focus on preparing our hearts to remember the road Jesus walked when he died for us. Each of us. It's hard to even think about how major it was for our savior to take our sins and let us be with God forever. It's the coolest thing and I hope I get many years to share with you the importance of this weekend. Because as big as it is, I need constant reminders. I can't wait til we can share Easter together and celebrate the beauty of Jesus together.

Along with Easter, we have a dear friend, little N, who is sick. Little N is probably right around the age you will be when you become a part of our family and she is so very sick. Anytime something happens to a friend of ours who is around the age you might be, I think of you. I long for the day N feels better and you are home and we'll all play together and praise God for the miracles he's done with each of our families.

Little Man, we have some dear friends who are going to keep your room warm for you this week. Actually, your grandma will be there on Wednesday and then our friends will come on Thursday. I am so excited to spend some time with them. They've been so supportive of our journey to you and I know they can't wait to meet you! It will be fun to talk about you with them and share our dreams for your life.

Little man, there are weeks I don't write you letters but there is never a day that I don't think about you. It's constant. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. Oh! I almost forgot!! Your grandma and I went to Chicago last weekend and I picked up a little something for your room.

Isn't he sweet? He's in your room, waiting for you to come home. He and your penguin will be friends and wait patiently for you until you arrive. They may gain some more friends along the way.

I love you, Little Man and I am praying for you.



  1. I love reading these sweet posts... oh and I just make plain keifer and put it in smoothies... I used to do it alot more but i am just getting back into it... Do you? Do you have recipes?

    1. I have never made keifer in particular but I am interested in making it, for sure. I do a lot of cooking and am always looking for good additions to the repertoire. I've had a particular interest in breakfasts lately. I love reading your recipes!