Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Man Monday

Good Evening, Sweet Thing!

Tonight, your dad and I are having a relaxing night in. I sure wish you were here!  We are waiting for our homemade pizzas to finish baking. While we wait, we are eating jelly beans. I know, I know. We will tell you not to spoil your dinner with jelly beans. But... we'll probably let you eat them before dinner some nights too. Like tonight.

Dad and I have been keeping ourselves quite busy lately so it's nice just to have a night with the pups, to chill and to restore. When you arrive, we will have several weeks just to be at home and get used to each other. We understand this may take time, little one. We'll have weeks of pizza at home. And yes, maybe even some jelly beans. And when the time is right, we'll head back out into the wild world outside of our home. But never fear, sweet thing. We will always come back home to you. We will always make time for you, for make believe in the living room or the latest Disney movie. We may get busy but we're never too busy for each other or too busy for you.

Your grandma is coming to visit tomorrow. She's been visiting lots lately and we love it! With my new job, we won't get to go to their house often for a whole weekend so it's a good thing your grandparents come our way often. Grandma is bringing some curtains for our house. Grandma is quite the talented seamstress. Unlike me. If you need your pants hemmed, I will duct tape them. When Grandma comes into town, she'll actually sew them back up. Good thing we have her huh? I have a feeling she's going to make you some cute clothes.  I'm hoping for some darling hats for your darling head:).

Love you, Little Man! I think the pizza is almost out of the oven!


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  1. This is such a sweet post to your little man. Your sweet mama heart overflows from the words. Sounds like your little man is as lucky to have Grandma as our boys are to have their Grandma's, especially given MY lack of sewing abilities too! :D