Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Links and How Do You Do

 First, a special hello to those of you popping in to say hello from Kelly's Korner. My name is Jess. I'm a midwesterner who plays several roles--Jesus follower, academic advisor at a big college, wife for 4 1/2 years, dog lover and mama to a yorkie and a boxer, and potential adoptive mom from Ethiopia. If you want to read about our adoption, feel free to click the tab at the top. Thanks for stopping by!

And now to those of you who regularly stop in...

 Finally, it is Friday. This weekend is the weekend I have been nervous about waiting for--the weekend of many celebrations. We have two baby showers we have to skip, one engagement brunch, and a wedding.  What shall I be wearing to these delighful events? Your guess is as good as mine.  I'll try to remember to take a pic or two.  My mom recommended I get a new outfit but the next paragraph will explain why I have chosen to forgo that option.

On the adoption front, you all should know we are SO CLOSE to submission.  And when I say SO CLOSE I mean it.  A little money (and we pray it is on its way from a little bonus E was given) and we are ready to send that paperwork flying toward Ethiopia.  We had no idea we would be so close, so fast. God has really shown up in places we just have not even anticipated.  How else would people we have never, ever met and have never, ever met us write us a check to support our little man?  If you are a praying person, please give a little whisper in our direction that the money we need would show up and that we would have the confidence not to worry about the timing.

Speaking of timing, things continue to slow down in Ethiopia. We pray things will remain ethical but move switftly and that God will give us peace, patience and vision throughout this process.  We still believe God has us right where he wants us, along with hundreds of other families, desperate for him.  What better place is there, really? We know as the wait grows, so will the desperation. We pray we can cling to him with reckless abandon and trust in his goodness despite what we feel and see.

This week I've been perusing other adoption blogs and wow are there some great posts. So much so I think I have to share. In no particular order:

Jen's post about how to support adoptive families is pretty amazing.  She's a great writer and it just spoke right to me. Don't be surprised if you see this post again when we bring our little one home.  It has so much packed into one post.

Brandy is also from our agency and her post on what to say and what not to say was taken from advice from other families in our agency. While we are not officially "waiting" yet, I have seen the hurt in other families waiting and I know we will be pressed through this.  Plus, some of the things in it are good for all adoptive families, like the whole "why don't you have your OWN kids?" Ouch. Just. Ouch.

You might remember I posted Claudia's Adoption Wall of Ethics First Post.  Well, the second post is up now.  This post brings up a lot of good points.  I think it definitely also answers the other question I get a lot, "There are SO MANY orphans in Ethiopia. Why can't you just go get one and bring him back? Why all the paperwork?"  So yes, lots of complicated issues. We feel blessed by a great, Christ-centered, time-tested, ethical agency. Still, the whole process can just be tricky.

And finally, Sunday is Orphan Sunday and November is adoption month.  If you haven't been over to 147 Million Orphans before, take a little trip. I am wearing my beads today and praying for those all over the world who need us to step in and be the love, give the food, and show the support that they desperately need.  That support looks different for each family--not all of us are called to adopt but we are all called to help.

If you've made it to the end of this post, then you deserve a cookie. And a great weekend. Have a good one and be blessed by the fall weather and the time change!

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  1. Jess, I too live in the Midwest!

    I am excited for you and your to be full arms! Adoption is so amazing!

    My husband and I tried to have a baby for NINE plus years when I finally was expecting a precious baby girl. That baby is now 18 years old and our only girl.

    When our Katelyn was six years old, we began trying to have another baby . . . however, God had other plans.


    When Katelyn was 9 1/2 years old, we adopted our first son . . . as a newborn. When Ryan was two years old, our second and third sons were dropped out of heaven. Cameron and EJ . . . and a year later newborn Cody. I never expected more children in our home than two, but God had such wonderful plans.

    It took six and a half years before the adoptions of our three youngest boys was finished. We never imagined it would take that long, but for some reason God allowed it.

    Our adoptions were domestic, all four of them. I am quite certain we wouldn't have made it through without God's Grace.

    Many times people have said hurtful things . . . however, God had a definite plan and He saw it through.

    There are times people say things that they really shouldn't. It does bother me . . . especially the "what about his REAL mom" comment. I have to pray and trust God very hard when that comment is spoken . . . to keep my tongue quiet.

    Through everything we have endured throughout our adoptions . . . God was always there. God had special plans for our boys . . . He knew before the world was formed they were MY boys. I praise Him for that.

    God knows your little guy and is preparing your heart and his for that very special moment that you will hold him in your arms.

    Carrying your own baby and Adoption is very much alike . . . identical in one very special way . . . God chose YOU for the child . . . and the child for you . . . and it doesn't matter who birthed him . . . YOU are his Momma and he is YOUR son.

    Much Love and Blessings . . .