Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little Man Letter

Well Hello, Little Man!

Our paperwork will be on a plane to your country tonight. We are so excited. I've been thinking a lot about specifics of how our life will be together. This week, I've been thinking about how you will throw tantrums.

Ah, tantrums.

Knowing our age range request, you will most likely be a toddler when we see you, meaning you will be well versed in throwing a tantrum to let us know you aren't happy. I see a lot of toddlers throw tantrums each week at church and every little kiddo has their own way.  I wonder what you will be like. Will you be timid, afraid to tell us how you really feel? Will you be a back archer and be impossible to hold when we won't let you go down the slide just one more time at church? Will you do the cry and wail or will you be a screamer, so inconsolable we'll have to plug our ears?

Little man, I sometimes get a good chuckle by watching a little one try to get what they want but I fear it won't be that easy with you. I want you to know how badly we love you, how much we've longed for you to be a part of our lives. And I hope that I can still do that and discipline you. We'll learn together, Little Man. I have no doubt we'll learn each others ways. No matter how grumpy you get, I promise we will always, always love you.

I love thinking about the every day with you--what we will do on Saturday afternoons, what your bedtime routine will be.  It may be a while, Little Man, but you are worth the wait.

While our paperwork is on its way to you, we'll dream of the day we get to take that plane ride, too.  We pray you are safe and you know you are so very loved.

Mom and Dad

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