Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Man Monday

Well Hello Sweet Little Man,

I am so excited to say we will officially be on the waiting list for you as of Friday. We have been planning for this day for years and actively working on it for months. I know we will still most likely be waiting through a few more homecomings, Thanksgivings, and Christmases before you are with us for those blessed events but we already feel you are a  part of the family.  We talk about life with you, plan fun times with you, and wonder what you will be like.  Last week we were shopping and Dad found an awesome penguin for your room.  We left him at the store but I am thinking he needs to be picked up this week sometime. It would fit perfectly with the blues and grays and if I have anything to do with it, you will be a penguin fan. They are just too cute not to love!

IC**, have I told you about our puppies? I think they are going to love you and I think you will be fast friends. Rigo, the little pup, is a little scared of babies but I think he will fall in love with you quickly. He loves us and we know he will see how much we love you and fall in love too. Gabby is the big pup. She's going to want to give you lots and lots of kisses. We are trying to train her now with other babies (your future friends) to be gentle and loving. She thinks love means jumping and licking.  We're working on it:).

Little Man, our community is praying for you in ways big and small. People in our church are praying for your safe homecoming, and we pray too. We pray for your health, your safety, your family, and that you will be a part of our lives quickly.  Dad and I are going to have a quiet night at home and we look forward to the time when our nights are a little less quiet and a little more boisterous.

Can't wait to meet you, IC**. Love you lots.


**Imaginary Child

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