Friday, November 25, 2011


A day of gratitude is:

waking up and running with 100 other people in a small town, with all proceeds going toward a family in need.

setting a personal best in the 5k and watching all my family finish the race too.

drinking a good cup of coffee while making a birthday cake for my grandpa from scratch and watching the parade.

watching my mother and two grandmothers master Thanksgiving dinner with ease and patience.

seeing four dogs merrily chomp on their Thanksgiving treats shaped like turkey legs and squirrels.

seeing my mom cut out Connie Britton's son's picture and place him on the fridge so we could have a reminder of the one who will soon(ish) be at our table.

enjoying a glass of wine in a beautiful goblet with a puppy by my side and great blog posts on my laptop.

weeping during a prayer of Thanksgiving, knowing that I am more blessed than I deserve to be and probably more blessed than I will ever understand.

eating so many delicious things that I don't have room on my plate for turkey and don't care.

snuggling in with the husband for an afternoon nap on a weekday.

listening to my grandparents tell stories of their elementary school days and knowing I am blessed to get the chance to hear these stories.

watching HGTV with my momma when I need a break from everything else.

falling asleep with a full belly and a full heart.

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  1. This sounds like the best Thanksgiving that I can even imagine.