Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Man Monday

Well Hello, Little IC,

Sorry I didn't get to write to you last week. I missed it, I really did.  I hope you are well if you are on earth already.  Good news, little man! We really, truly think this is the week we will get in line to wait for you.  We know it will be a while but what an exciting step.  I might even celebrate by buying you an outfit.  Speaking of submission, you may be a little less "little" than we originally thought--we are raising our request to 0-3 years. This means we have a higher chance of you really being alive already! Little man, if this is the case, I pray you are safe and loved well.

Last weekend we went to a wedding and your daddy got to play with some little ones.  He loved it so much and his smile showed it.  IC, believe me when I tell you you are going to love your daddy as much as I love him.  He can't wait to play with you, teach you things, and dance with you at weddings.  And you know what? I can't wait for those things either because I don't think I've ever known a man who loves a son he's never met more than your dad loves you.  It's incredible.  And it makes me love both of you more.

Little man, we know the wait is long but more than worth it.  We can't wait to be parents--not just any parents: your parents. We have been planning and reading for so long. We can't wait to wait for you. We pray every day the Lord will make our wait short--for your sake and for ours.  We love you deeply.  And I can't wait to share these letters with you to show you how much you are, and always were, wanted and loved.

We give thanks for you, Little Man.  May the Lord stand with you until we can.



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  1. Jess! I am so eager to follow the steps of your adoption and am so glad you chose the dear folks at America World to help you along the way. We truly think they are the best in the business!

    Happy Tuesday!