Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I'm Going to Hang Out with 4th Graders

We just finished dinner with two college kids we met approximately one week ago. What would bring together a married couple in their late twenties and two college students who didn't know each other?

Jesus.  Pure and simple.  Oh yeah. And free food (for the college students, anyway).

We are so excited to be leading a fourth grade small group this winter.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

The last time I regularly worked with 4th graders was 2002.

The last time Hubs worked with 4th graders was never.

Oh yes, we have some experience over the summer with Kids Club, but nothing consistent.

People, this is going to get good.

My co-leader and I will be leading from Tim Keller's "King's Cross" while Hubs and his co-leader will be leading from James (the book of the Bible, not the name of the co-leader).  Hubs is excited to be creating his own curriculum.  He was not as enthused when I reminded him that he could not teach an entire lesson on Martin Luther and the reformation and he probably shouldn't use the words paradox or "debtor's ethic."  And yet, I am pretty sure he's gonna be great at it.

The thing is, we know when God stretches us the most, he also shows up in big ways.  So yes, if you think of us next Wednesday, say a little prayer for our 20 9-and 10-year-old kiddos learning about Jesus with us.

Adoption Update: We have an appointment to have our "biometrics" taken on October 12.  In regular English, we are getting fingerprinted.  Hooray!  People, this is the last step before our paperwork makes the jaunt to the mighty continent of Africa and stays there for a long while.  Wahoo!!

Off to catch up on Thursday night TV. DVR is a glorious thing--I can  converse with college kids and still have all my shows waiting for me.  I'm off...

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