Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Man Monday

Well Hello Little IC,

I can't believe it's been a week since we talked already!  The days are going by really quickly, which is good I guess.  It makes the waiting time fly by.  We'll see if I'm singing that tune in a year or two.  I think of you so often as I go about my day and week.  Today the news was talking about new cartoon research and I wonder what kind of cartoons you will like.  Will you be a fan of Diego like me or will you be more like your dad and like the busier, action-packed type?

This weekend we watched Uncle Pete run a half marathon. We took the puppies and our friends Ashley and Addy came too.  I am hoping you will like Addy.  She's a pretty great bud of ours. She came over yesterday, too, and tried to learn how to walk around the house.  Gabby gave her a scare when she scratched her but don't worry, IC, I think she's ok.  We are going to continue to train Gabby.  She doesn't understand yet how delicate little ones are.  I promise to teach her.

Dad and I have been going for a lot of runs lately.  We love to run and we wonder whether you will like running too.  I saw a woman at the race pushing a stroller on her run.  It looked like a lot of work but if you'll come with me, I promise to push you in the stroller as best I can.  Dad and I love to run together but I know it will be much more fun when you can run with us. I look foward to the days you can run alongside instead of in a stroller.  I wonder if you'll be into it.  Whatever you like, Little Man, we'll support you.  It doesn't have to be running:).

Little IC, I hope you know how crazy thrilled we are to be planning you into our lives. We pray for you and your start to life.   We pray you will know how much we love you, even before we get a chance to say it to your face.

Take care, Little Man.  I love you so much.


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