Sunday, September 18, 2011


In a mere matter of hours, the clock will strike 12:01 and it will officially be September 19--the day of my birth.  What am I doing for my birthday? Well I firmly believe in the Dave Barry quote, "There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age 11." So yes, Hubs and I plan to have a lovely night at home watching whatever TV sounds good.  And my best friend and I will do dinner Tuesday, just to celebrate another year of our friendship.

The lovely thing about parents (or at least my parents) is that it doesn't matter how old you get, they still celebrate like you're five.  The difference is, when I was five, I asked for Barbies. No, I don't remember but if I were a guessing woman, I would say I asked for Barbies. I do remember my fifth birthday. I had just gotten my pink plastic frame glasses and was wearing them as I held up a full hand, proudly displaying all five fingers, to show I was officially one hand old.  I was so old.  Anyway, I am not five any more.  I am out of fingers. And toes.  And thus, my birthday request from my parents have gotten a little more practical.  I requested a new laundry separating tote. One with lift out baskets, four dividers, and caster wheels.  Kind of like this.

Well, actually, it's exactly like that. From Target.  I couldn't be happier. Or older.  But seriously, I can lift out my laundry, one load at a time. and I can WASH the baskets. It's amazing.

My parents didn't stop there, though. They knew my love of organization. So, when they came up for the football game yesterday, they also brought more organizational hoopla.  I am now the proud owner of plastic stackable recycling bins. They have a new home in my garage and make everything sharper and more sorted.  Seriously, for a girl who loves organization, nothing says "I'm 28!" more than a laundry sorter and recycling sorters.

Because they spoil me so, I also got some Pampered Chef display dishes. And some great earrings.  And a kick-tail tailgate (see what I did there!).  The joy of all of it really was seeing them and celebrating with the family I've loved and had from the very beginning.  I am blessed. Blessed beyond imagine. I am getting closer and closer to my blog title being obsolete.  And yet, I march on, each year better than the one before it.

So tomorrow, I will open my eyes (God-willing) and celebrate one more day in one more year of blessings, knowing that whatever happens, it's because God thinks it's best for me.

Thank you to Mom and Dad for a fabulous beginning, a foundation in Jesus Christ, and for loving and supporting me each and every moment to this day.

Thank you to my dear, dear husband for making me feel special, loved, and grounded each year we spend together.

And thank you to God for letting me have each day.

I'm off to watch the rest of the Emmys.

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