Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Man Monday

Hello Little IC,

I missed writing to you last Monday. It was my birthday and Dad took me out to dinner. We enjoyed Thai food and adult conversation.  Birthdays are fun at 28 but I can't wait to help you plan parties for your birthdays. That will be WAY more fun than celebrating my own birthday.  I kept wondering, Little IC, how many more birthdays I would share without knowing you, without being your mom in person instead of just in my heart.  I don't know the answer to that, Little IC, and no one does except our Heavenly Father.  Rest assured we will celebrate big and make up for lost time when you get here.

Dad and I are going to get fingerprints soon so we can get closer to coming to get you.  Basically they will make images of the tips of our fingers. This is the last step before we wait in a long line to meet you.  I can't wait to see the tips of your fingers.  I will kiss them and we will play itsy bitsy spider and come up with all kinds of ways to celebrate your little fingers.

Little Man, I just can't wait to be your mom.  I am sure you will be a pistol, as my mom would say.  We'll have our battles.  I am guessing you will have quite the strong will.  If you don't start out that way, you'll learn it soon enough from your dad.  Just kidding. I'm the stubborn one.  Still, knowing I will get to be your mom through the good and the bad will be the only thing keeping me going on this long wait.

I love you, Little IC.  Til Next Monday,


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