Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Addiction at its Finest

Alternately titled Why I am Choosing to Give Up Facebook and Twitter for Lent.

I woke up this morning thinking of what my twitter status would be. "One night down with no social media. I can totes do this."

And then I realized, um, I agreed not to get on twitter.   That's ok. I will just message a friend and she what she's up to...I heard she had cute new pics of her kid on Facebook.


I gave that up too. 

The fact that I literally think about what I am going to write, see, comment, think, or take a photograph of to post on Facebook or twitter is an issue, ya'all.  It's too much.


Because I don't think of God like that. What do I need to tell him, see of him, what is he trying to tell me today?


That's not how my life works. But it should be.

Call it addiction.

Call it an idol.

Call it a waste of time.

Or try to cover it up like I do and say it's just a part of how life is today and it's totally normal. After all, I sit in front of a computer all day every day. It's just normal, right? Any way you do it, it's getting in the way of my real life. I am checking twitter when I have the REAL LIFE TWEETERS in my presence.

Messed up. Yup.

So, I am not giving it up for good. But my life needs some IRL perspective. And, as always, it needs more Jesus.  So, for lent (as yes, I grew up Methodist so we did practice some lenten traditions though we didn't always 'give something up') I am taking a step away from my virtual life and a step into my real life. And my spiritual  life. I will not be on Facebook or twitter until after Easter services. Yes, I already circled it on my calendar.

But seriously, I have got to re-prioritize. I'm looking forward to less time in front of a screen, more time in prayer and celebrating the gifts right in front of my face that the Lord is showing me.

I need less stimuli. I need to be less self-centered. I need to recognize my  need for my savior.  So I am dreading this time but I'm also really excited about it.

No turning back...

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  1. I hear you. I have often been disgusted at how excited I am to check facebook and blogs in the morning, and several times per day, and yet I'm never that excited to spend time with Jesus. I have often thought about how my life would look different if I WERE that excited to spend time with God.