Saturday, February 4, 2012

Height, Love, and Tricerotails

This week was the kind of week where each day passed faster than the next and E and I had enough time each evening to gaze lovingly into each other's eyes, jump in a car, and head to the next event. We are romantics at heart, I tell ya. Despite the intensity of busy-ness, I've also thought it was a great week. Except for Wednesday when I had convinced myself it was Friday and had to realign my thoughts. Pretty much the worst thing that can happen on a Wednesday is when your mind convinces you it's Friday when it's actually only Wednesday.  Unless, of course, you go to work with your side zipper on your dress fully unzipped and don't notice for an hour that your entire body is hanging out. But that would never happen to anyone I know. *ahem*  Two more days of spreadsheets at work were not the awakening I had in mind on this Wednesday but they had to be done regardless. Lucky for me, the spreadsheets came home with me for the weekend too.


Wednesday we got back into the groove with our 4th grade friends and I mean it when I say I missed them. They are darling and their hearts just show me exactly why Jesus calls us to be like little children. But please don't tell them I called them little children. They will be, like, so offended. Gosh! We're back into the book of Mark and they really do listen and try to figure out this whole salvation thing. I feel really lucky to be a part of it because it's for sure the Holy Spirit working through everyday, normal, sinners. I know this because I am the everyday normal sinner trying to convey grace and the difficult concepts of salvation to nine and ten year old girls. Woah.

My favorite part of Wednesday, aside from the lesson when we spent half the time competing with the noise of the adults in classes (we need more space in our church and they moved my group THREE TIMES before we finally landed in the foyer--super loud and not conducive to actually studying the Bible), was the hang-out time we got. We put a beautiful puzzle together and they made me take a picture of them, shining and proud, next to the puzzle. I would show you this picture but I have a firm "no faces of others' children" on my blog. So you'll have to believe me when I say it was adorable how proud they were. They also got to talking about Valentine's Day. Here's how the conversation with me went.

Kids: "Jess, who is your valentine?"
Me: "Well, (glance at Eric lovingly), Mr. Eric is my valentine."
Kids: (look at each other, give weird expressions, and look back at me, a little disgusted) "He CAN'T be your valentine! He's too tall!!"

Now, I don't know when height became a requirement for valentines but I couldn't stop laughing. Best we can figure, they equate height to age and so they think E is much older than me?? Your guess is as good as mine.

Last night we had quite the surprise when dear friends invited us to dinner. They're adopting, too, and it was so lovely to share the worries and frustrations and fun that goes with this calling. And yes, crazy as it may sound, I think it's a calling. To put up with the roller coaster, I think you have to feel called to it.  Anyway, the dinner was lovely and after dinner, their preschoolers decided my pony tail just wasn't jazzy enough for the occasion. So, fully dressed in leotards and tututs, they styled my hair. With three pony tails and a headband. We decided this style needed an official name so after several drafts, we're going with "tricerotails."  Yes? What do you think?

So we're up to today! I was sound asleep at 8:45 when I got two texts asking me if I wanted to go to The Big Game. Of the biggest rivalry west of the Mississippi. Um, how do you say no to that?? So, we are prepping and thanking God (and our friends) for this special blessing. Thanks, friend. You know who you are and you totally made our day:). For those of you who don't live around here, not only are these tickets hard to come by, they are re-selling for hundreds (and in some cases I've heard thousands! WHAT!?) of dollars. So to be offered a chance to go is just amazing. Seriously, ticket fairy, I am blessed.

So we are looking forward to a little bit of lazy and a lot of cheering. I've got my game day gold on. I'm off to clean my house so I won't feel guilty for our night out.

Have a great weekend. And Happy Big Game weekend. Tigers. Superbowl. There's a big game for everyone.

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