Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Man Letter

Hi Sweet Boy!

I dreamed all day yesterday of writing you this letter but your Aunt Annie came into town and before I knew it, it was bedtime. Aunt Annie (technically your dad's second cousin but who's counting!) just got back from France and she had so much to share. She came to Mama's regular girl's night, too, and we had so much fun.  Someday I hope you get to meet her and enjoy Aunt Annie's company. She was the first of your dad's relatives to meet me and we hit it off splendidly. We joke that she's the younger sister I never had. So yes, I expect you two to get some good cuddle time when you both are here in the US. Whenever that is.

This weekend was a big one for sports (or at least the sports your dad and I like). Mizzou (the college team we root for) got a big football recruit to sign and wouldn't you know it--he was adopted! His story is very different from yours but we found it an extra special blessing when we found out he got his parents the same sort of way you will. And who knows...you may have siblings whose story is even more similar to his than yours is.  We also got to go to a big basketball game. It's hard to explain what a rivalry is but basically, it's a super-competitive relationship some teams have. Our team has one of these and we played them this weekend. Your dad and I were blessed to go and you know what? It's probably a good thing you weren't there--it was so very loud!! When the time is right, we'll introduce you to our teams. I can't wait to see you sing the words to the fight song and take pictures with Truman the Tiger. Maybe you'll even go to college at Mizzou. Of course, no pressure. OK, maybe a little bit of friendly pressure:). Just kidding, son. I know you will make great decisions.

OK Little Man! I really would love to talk to you all day. Instead, I have to get to work. There's lots to be done here today. Your dad and I can't WAIT to get that photo with your face on it. We love you so much.



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