Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hi Little Guy,

Today I want to tell you a story of why you are going to love your dad so much.  He is the best husband I could ever imagine, which makes me sure he will be the best dad for you too. He just proved to me once again how deeply he loves. Today, I had a tough day. Son, we know you'll have some of those too. So, on my tough day, your dad surprised me at work and brought me my favorite coffee and caramels. The coffee was great. The caramels were delicious. But the best part was your dad showing up when I needed support most. He loves me so well.  He's going to be the exact same for you. It may not be coffee.  It may be a good snuggle on a day that you are being grumpy. It may be searching high and low for your favorite toy you've lost.  Whatever it is, I know for sure your dad will take care of you in ways big and small.  Just like he takes care of me.

Tonight I had my regular girls' night. This time it was my turn to host. I imagine in years to come Daddy will take you out on the town and wear you out when it's time for the ladies to come over. Then he'll bring you back and put you to bed on his own--bath time, great books, the whole thing. I look forward to the regular routine we'll have. All three of us spending our evenings together-the same way each time. I can't wait for the years to come.

Love you, little man. I'm holding you in my heart til I can hold you in my arms.



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