Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Man Monday

Hi Little Man,

I feel like there is so much to tell you--not about anything big but just about daily stuff you are missing. And how much we miss you.

First, let me just say it snowed and snowed today. I cannot WAIT to see you catch big snowflakes on your eyelashes and feel them in  your fingertips. Luckily the roads weren't too slick and we still made it to work just fine. Now, there's about two inches or so on the ground. On days where we get more snow, little ones like you like to go out and build snow creatures (they call them snowmen but they bear little resemblance to your dad or any man I know) and go sledding and make snow angels. Oh I can't wait til your first snow!! Will you think it's fun and whimsical or will you just find it cold and jarring? Only time will tell. I have a feeling your dad will be out with the camera, taking pictures the whole time. Gabby and Rigo will be there too. Gabby loves pouncing in the snow. Rigo wears little booties to keep his feet warm. You'll have to wear special shoes too. Snow is just different when there are little ones to enjoy it and I can't wait until that little one is YOU!

In other news, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It's a special day we celebrate. Some people make it about romantic love but it can also just be a fun time to show family and friends how much they mean to you. I look forward to making valentines with you for your school friends. We can make them homemade or pick some out from a store--it's all up to you. I'm curious to see what you'll decide. Of course, as a young girl, I loved picking out special valentines. My brothers were not as keen on the whole thing. You may not care a bit but I still can't wait! I actually think I might make a valentine just for you this year. After all, you are your dad and my special valentine. As we celebrate tomorrow, we'll say a special prayer just for your safety and for you to know the love we have for you and the love Jesus has for you each and every day.

Other than that, things are running smoothly in our home. Your Aunt Annie went home this weekend and we hope to have her back again soon. She slept in your room like our other visitors have before her. I like to think we are just warming it up for you--making it nice and cozy and full of love and memories from your friends and relatives.  We are busy as always and look forward to the day you will interrupt all that busy with your hugs and your sweet little face. I'm off to bed, little one. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day, IC.



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