Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Calm

Well if the weekend was the wild (and let me tell you--two states, four major cities, and nine hours of driving definitely allows it to fall into the wild category), this week is the calm. Grocery shopping at Aldi followed by making dinner and watching Bachelor Pad yesterday. At home. For once. Yes, I owe my husband big. Tonight, I cooked a pretty fab meal if I do say so myself and gathered paperwork to send off tomorrow (!!!) (yes, I plan to talk more once I've sent it) followed by a trip to the neighbors for doggy play date. And then there's now. Blogging and watching Tangled. I have some fun things scheduled for the rest of the week. And work is keeping me busy but it's pretty boring to blog about so I'll just tell you, yes, I still work. Mostly, though, it's a great week to sit on our couch.

I reflect often about how blessed we are to have this extended time to share together as a couple. Yes, we know the wait for IC** is long. Yes, we know we will be tired. And mad. And frustrated. And more tired. But we also know we are supposed to be happy in our present. Man, are we ever happy. This time--the couple time--the babymoon if you will, is just fantastic. There are few things that give me more joy than picturing that man next to me (it's hubs if you need it spelled out) as a dad. But you know what? He's also a pretty great husband. So I will let him be the best he can be at that while I try to be the best wife. And in His time (sing the childhood hymn if you know it) we will get to share in the joys and trials of being mommy and daddy.

Tonight though? Tonight it's enough to be doggy mommy and daddy. And the best couch-resters this town's ever seen.

**Imaginary Child

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