Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Everyday Moments

Last night, after finishing Russell Moore's book "Adopted for Life" at 9:00 (and waking up at 8:45a.m.--I am living it up I tell you) I was stirred. Deeply affected.  Well, not affected enough not to sleep, but I will admit my cheeks were a little tear-stained. In fact, the last two pages of the book moved me more than the rest of the book altogether.  I think this is because I understand the mechanics of adoption. I get how it works, the trials we will go through, the way it's ordained by my God. But what I wasn't prepared for was Moore's reflection back on his life and his son's beginning seven years later on his son's birthday.

Moore started thinking in his book about where he was on his sons' birthdays.  What was it like for his son? Was he immediately abandoned? Was he placed in a dirty place to sleep? Was his mom ok?  And what was Moore doing at that time?  He took good enough notes on his life to know that, on that day, he had worked on his dissertation most of the day.

That's when I decided--right then and there--that I must be blogging more about the mundane details of our life in this waiting space.  We try not to get too focused on the everyday wait for our son because we know we could have more than a year to go.  Yet, he could be born already or he could be born any day now.  Because of this, I want to start writing down our everyday life.  This is potentially the only piece of history I will have to look back on and say to IC "when you were born, we ate dinner and fell asleep at ten after I prayed for you" or "we were at church most of the day but we thought of you often." And I want to be able to give him that--to fit the pieces of what we were doing before he came to us.

So, up until this point I have not been an everyday moment blogger.  Partially because I don't think my everyday moments are that exciting and partially because they kind of just pass by without me thinking much of them.  However, I am really going to be more intentional about talking about our everyday. More boring for my readers? Maybe.  More important for historical reference for our family? I tend to think so.

Thanks for sticking through this wordy post. I am off to finish my coffee and baked pancake (Thanks, Hubs) while the man watches Star Trek incessantly.  I'll check you later.  Enjoy the everyday moments of your day!


  1. This is a great post. Maybe my favorite that you've authored so far. Great idea. I teared up a your blog is my confessional! :) And I'm sure this reader will enjoy hearing about your daily life! :)

  2. Hey, are you guys in St. Louis? I'd love to borrow that book!