Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Letter to the IC and a Little Update

Hello IC,

You may be imaginary to others, but you are very real to me (even though you may not even be alive yet). I wanted to tell you about how great your Dad is and how much he can't wait to meet you.  He's pretty much the best dad ever, even though you're not here yet.  He's pretty great to me, too.  I know he's planning all the exciting things you'll do together, like play ultimate frisbee and go to the park and ride bikes. In the meantime, though, he's spoiling me until he can spoil you. Take yesterday, for example. I mentioned on twitter I was cold and wanted some hot chocolate and he showed up at my door 30 minutes later with some surprise hot chocolate just for me.  Don't think he won't do the same for you, Little IC.  You will like hot chocolate, I promise. More importantly, though, I really think you and Dad will have a special relationship.  Each day he looks more and more forward to spending time with you, reading you books and being silly with you.  We can't wait.  We love you way more than you can even fathom.  And your Father in Heaven loves you even more than we do, which is impossible to even think about.

Much Love,


Aside from thanking Hubs for being awesome, last night was spent playing Mario and getting stuff ready for our next fundraiser.  We are doing another garage sale on Saturday and I am looking forward to it!  We're getting close to needing to spend some of this money for some major adoption expenses soon.

Big news, BTW.  Remember **that one document**? Well, it's here!  We have our third and final home study visit scheduled for a week from Wednesday. We're getting very close to finishing our "paper pregnancy." Of course, I'll give you updates as they are available.

Weird post, I know, but get used to em..  I was inspired by Kristyn wrote to her very own little man (and still does) and frankly, it just feels right. I think I'll try to keep writing to him on here, in the spirit of a few posts ago.  Alright, I'm out...