Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Like to Ride My Bicycle

Today I had a couple of firsts.  First on the firsts list, I went to an auction--the surplus auction at the university. My parking space is about 1/2 a mile from my office so I decided I needed a bike.  After perusing Craigs List and realizing people on Craigs List like their bikes way too much and have no intention of selling them (based on the prices) someone told me about the Surplus Auction. I was told they sell bikes super cheap and there aren't usually too many people there.  I figured I'd take an hour, find a bike I liked, and end up with a bike fit for my mission at a good price.

The people who told me about the auction--they had one out of two correct. Yes, there were tons of bikes and they went for relatively cheap prices. But the people? Hundreds! Mostly handy men looking for scrap metal or dressers for an apartment complex they oversee.  Let me tell you, when I showed up in my black cotton dress from Ann Taylor Loft, cute beaded headband, and silk tiger print scarf, I stuck out a little.  OK. A lot.

I tried to look at all the bikes and figure out which one I might like.  The auction people--they were like bees swarming honey. I could barely tell what was there, let alone what I wanted. Let me also let you know the last bike I owned was seafoam green with a hot pink seat and purple handlebars.  Yes. I am a bike expert.

So, the auction starts and I realize (after buddying up with some gruff men in their fifties to get the lowdown) that I don't have a number. I run in and the first group of bikes is already gone. The men laughed.  I was a bit sad because those seemed like the best lot but figured I still had literally at least a hundred bikes to go so I was bound to find one.

If you have been to an auction, forgive my ignorance. They have a "lot" of bikes. They bid and when you win, you pick your favorite(s) from the lot and pay, per bike, what you won the auction at.  They go quickly. And since I had no idea what I wanted, I was a little lost.  So, after watching one lot go, I bid one at $25, closed my eyes, and picked a bike.

I am the proud owner of a men's, multiple speed Murray mountain bike with a rusted chain and tires that need air.  Friends, I have a bike.

I also have a dent in my car.

That's right. I went to put my bike in my car and realized someone had hit my driver's side door. I was devastated.  Now my cheap bike was about to cost me hundreds of dollars, not to mention the heat was killing my fashion and I was sweating like a pig.  Anyway, I drove back to work, finished my day, came home, and Hubs noticed I had a note on my windshield. It wasn't a hit and run after all!! I attempted to call the number to no avail but I left a message. Here's hoping Mr. Surplus Auction will have my damage paid for.

Second of my firsts: I taught my first class!

Yes friends, I have a syllabus. That says "professor" and then my name.  It's a little bit of a lie--I'm more of a class facilitator than professor but I'll take it.  First day highlights included:

--at least three students asking "do I HAVE to take this class?!"
--singing (or sing/humming) "The Final Countdown" in front of the whole class
--accidentally forgetting to include a student in an exercise

All in all, though, I would say the first day was a success!

Here's to firsts. I'm off to dinner...


  1. So did the person who hit you ever call back?

  2. Amy, he did email back. I am now needing to get quotes but he's going to take care of it. Thank goodness!