Saturday, August 13, 2011

One More Reason to Love 13.

First, let me update and say Gabby seems to be doing well.  She rested much of the day but played in the backyard this evening and seems to be feeling much better.  Sorry for my terrified, complaining tone yesterday. I am thankful to say we didn't have to go back to the vet today and it looks like she is going to pull through this bug.

We had the second garage sale this weekend.  Wow--did God bless our socks off!  Let me start by saying Hubs and I were kind of blown away when we realized the garage sale (which was set up by the neighborhood--we didn't pick the date) was on the 13th.  If you haven't heard me talk about it before, 13 continues to hold significance to our family.  We've had several big things happen with 13s.  Several we've planned (like our wedding).  Others just happened that way--like our house number, the day our house was inspected, and the day we started our new jobs after we got married.  Anywho, we knew it was a good sign the garage sale was on the 13. We prayed the Lord would make people show. And, of course, we advertised.  We were blessed with tons of friends who gave us stuff to sell, as well as tables to sell things on.  I felt a little overwhelmed last night when I went to bed but I woke up ready to get some stuff out of my garage.

So today we stayed busy all morning. Our first customer came at 6:20 and we had people until 30 minutes after we closed "officially."  We sold lots of things, as well as all the cupcakes I had made for the event.  It was overwhelming in a good way.  When everything was said and done, I counted up our money.  We had  $600.30.  Pretty amazing!  Then, as we were dragging tables in, someone came and bought one more item.  $603.30.  As we were finishing up I realized I had one customer the night before, as I mentioned on the blog earlier.  Wouldn't you know it?  She had purchased $10 in items.  So, that left us with a grand total of exactly $613.30.


I can't make this up people.

You may say it's no big deal. Or maybe you do say I made it up.  But no.  Exactly $613.30.  We believe God sends us thirteens sometimes to show us He is in control and he cares for us.  Nothing could have shown this more through the adoptive process.  I mentioned yesterday even I was feeling overwhelmed, like I was battling just to get this paperwork done. And I would be lying if I said I never worried about how we would pay for all of this.  Today, God said clearly to us that He started us on this path and He is still in control.  You may say otherwise but I know what I know.

Thank you to our friends and your faithfulness to our cause.  We are so loved and so is the IC.

We are one step closer to submitting our paperwork.  We can't wait to wait!

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