Thursday, August 11, 2011

That's What Thursdays Are Made Of

So, working. Yes, working.  It's what I did for the majority of the day. And I am really REALLY trying to live out Proverbs 12:16, as pointed out by Beth Moore.  What does it say? "A fool shows annoyance at once."  Yes, I am THAT girl--the girl who gets annoyed by everyone and everything at work.  But, the work day went fairly quickly.  I got to skype with a baby, after all.  Well, make that the baby's momma. But still. The baby was there, thick curly hair and all:).

Garage sale prep is in full swing at our house.  We put kids and adult clothes on tables, separated by size for most of the evening.  My faithful brother also took his truck and picked up tables, clothes, and a play center.  He's a rockstar.  All this preparation is kind of fun!  It's a long journey but we've already had our first customer!  I plan to also make cake pops for the sale. Good times

I should point out that as I'm writing this, Hubs looked up from losing at a particular point of Mario and made the umpire's "safe" motion while yelling "We're selling the Wii!"  I think he's half kidding.  But it is a garage sale kind of week at our house.  I kind of like the wii so I think I'm going to go talk him down now...

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