Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home studies and Tigers and Films--Oh My

The next few weekend we're trying this approach that can only be described as "try to cram as much as possible in two one measly weekend."  This approach began this weekend and so far, it's exhausting but rewarding. The disclaimer is that I intended to take tons of pictures. I have three.

Friday, we went on a pup walk. Gabby is finally getting old enough that she's able to sort of walk on a leash.  Sort of because Hubs still has to douse her leash in lemon juice. She tries to eat it and then looks at us with this gross taste on her tongue and a look of disbelief. It's two parts hilarious, one part sad, and one part satisfying that we're finally teaching her something. Thirty minutes later, we all crashed and tried to get as much sleep as possible before the 5am alarm went off to signal us to the next big thing.

We arrived early (8am!!) for breakfast and social work.  The rest of the home study process made me nervous but having to read someone else's observations on Hubs and was the cherry on the odd home study cake. Everything she said was so kind and I was so appreciative. It's just--who of us is used to reading super kind, glowing remarks from someone you met six months ago about your life, finances, marriage, and ability to parent.  It was beautiful and awkward all at once.  We thanked her for our approval and headed off.  If you are wondering, yes, we are one meeting closer to bringing IC home.  We should be doing our next big paperwork submission this week (hopefully).  So, after leaving our social worker, an hour (and one Trader Joe's trip) later we were back at home prepping for our next adventure.  Because we hate sleep. And rest. And time just to watch our BRAND NEW dvr.  Instead we decided to volunteer for an outdoor film festival and bike ride.

In the rain.

Really, though, it wasn't too rainy. And we saw a great film called Last Days Here, a film that made me glad I am neither into drugs nor rock and roll.  Still, it was a great documentary. The festival also had some of the best "picnic" fare I've ever eaten.  Never before have I been to a picnic with seared pork loin.  Maybe never again.  And as a true surprise to everyone, we got to see some great pyrotechnics before the film began.

All in all it was a beautiful night by the river. I'd like to give a shout-out to the bugs who ate me alive. I've always wanted polka-dot legs.  Jk.
For our final attempt at cramming as much as possible into one weekend, after church, we went to the grand tradition at Mizzou: Tiger Walk. All the freshies walk through the columns to signify their entrance into this grand institution. We (the staff, community and alums) wear matching t-shirts, cheer, and feed them ice cream.  This time, we also got to be bouncers and keep the freshies in their place until the tradition began. I, being of the perfect bouncer stature, was naturally good at this job.  

Oddly, I got a bit nostalgic, remembering that day NINE (say it ain't so!) years ago when I walked across in my sorority t-shirt and ate my very own ice cream.  And Sunday, I enjoyed the time with Hubs instead of a bunch of women I had just met but planned to be lifelong friends.

Yup, it was fun nine years ago but it was pretty darn good today.  I would say we had a  successful jam-packed weekend.  We'll see about the weekend to come.

Shout-out and thanks to everyone who prayed for and thought of us during our home study. We'll get our official copy in the mail (hopefully) this week!  It's fast and slow all at the same time. And so goes adoption.

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