Friday, August 12, 2011

When life gives me lemons, it buys in bulk

This week has been, um, trying. And not the normal kind of trying.  The weird kind where you look back and you're like, "wow. that was a lot of things stacked up at one time."

I mean, it's not been all difficult.  We've had some real blessings, like the fact that our dossier cover sheet and one other document were officially state certified.  What is state certification? My mom explained it best when she said it's the Secretary of State "notarizing the notary."  You send it away with money (of course) and they send it back with proof that your notary really is a notary--a shiny cover sheet with the state seal.  You know, to weed out all those counterfeit notaries. Shady counterfeit notaries. For shame.

I also mentioned we set up our final home study.  And of course that blasted document.  Yes, God has truly shown himself to us this week.

We've also had some, um, challenges.  I say it with an um each time because realistically, we are still blessed beyond compare.  But it's just, things just kind of stacked up this week.  I mean, I don't know if you believe in spiritual warfare.  But this week. Well, when good stuff happens, sometimes, bad stuff happens too.

It started with that friendly visit to the ER. Yes, that was thrilling.

Then we were told we had to get new tires.  Because, you know, we were hoping to find some random way to spend money.

Then, the final straw. I came home tonight with a car full of donations for our garage sale.  Our friends have loaded us up! We are praying people show up tomorrow.  I go into the house and it hits me--the smell.  of. puppy.  Not the good smell, my friends.  The smell that you know something really, really bad has exploded in your house.  Sure enough.  Explosion.  Near the puppy cage where darling Gabby was being held.  Friends, I will spare you those deets.  Let's just say, there were lots of things wrong with the scene I came home to.  I was trying to clean her cage, and got pretty worried looking at the remains of her afternoon.  I called the vet and she said I needed to come in.  Immediately.

So, I rounded up my once white, now red and brown, puppy.  Tried not to cry. And headed to the vet.  Dr. Dorr, aka, the nicest woman on the face of the planet, saw us immediately.  Gabs was energetic, a sign she said was good.  She was running a fever and we were told this meant she had an infection. So, she loaded her up with fluids, gave instructions with several medications, and told us to come back in the morning if we had a rough night.  She couldn't tell yet if it was serious or just a bad bug.  Oh, and she shouldn't be left alone.

Alone?  Ok, one, we have stuff to price, arrange, and prep for our garage sale all night.  Two, we were supposed to BE at the garage sale all tomorrow.  Not at the vet. And definitely not staring at our puppy inside all day.

She's been laying on our bed all day.  And for the record, she somehow jumped on our bed for the first time ever tonight.  Somehow she was tired but motivated enough for the big jump.  She's now sleeping on our other puppy.  We are hoping she's just making a speedy recovery. Because I love her. And also, the vet again? It's not my idea of a good Saturday.

So, yeah, a few things. But you know what? We are still blessed.  My belly is full.  So is my house--with friends, family, and pets.  Even if they are sick.

I'll keep you posted on the sale. Have a good weekend!

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