Thursday, August 18, 2011

Midweek Shuffle

I've struggled on what to write this week because I am not sure Hubs and my commitment to eating leftovers and watching Wheel of Fortune and episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation would really pull in the reader base. Regardless, we've been having a good week relaxing and not actually cleaning up the garage sale remains like we should have.

Monday was spent like every Monday: hiding my head in shame while enjoying the Bachelor Pad with millions around the US and about five of my favorite ladies here in town.  We know it's trash. We know we shouldn't watch.  We watch with glee each week--with delicious treats and the finest champagne any gal can buy for $4. We're high class like that.  But seriously, we've watched every season of anything Chris Harrison has hosted for about four years now.  Our group has changed over the years but our mission has not: to enjoy bad TV with good company.  We hope to do this for years to come.

Tuesday, well, who can really remember Tuesday? Ah yes, we got in a great run in the morning and after a long day of telling students no classes they wanted were available and they may not cut it in our major, I came home to a little R&R with the man.  An episode of Cupcake Wars and Chopped later, we were sound asleep.  I know you think I am making up the excitement that makes up our lives but it's really this amazing.  Please feel free to come enjoy our lifestyle of the rich and famous any time.

Yesterday, we did actually do something worth mentioning! No, I'm not talking about dropping pizza on my dress pants at work or dropping my punch cup in front of our faculty members (who thought I fell and was very concerned--no worries, I dropped it for no good reason).  Hubs and I got to enjoy some time with a great campus ministry. We handed out Sno Cones and shared in the fun of welcoming kids back and inviting them to worship.  So fun!!  And then, to cap of our evening, we had wine with one of our fave couples and talked about being parents and the terrifying adventure that is.

Yup, pretty exciting friends. Stay tuned for tomorrow's recap, where you will learn about what the prize puzzle was today.  Just kidding. Maybe.  Either way, these are the days of our lives.  The everyday moments:).

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