Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Man Monday

Hey IC,

I thought of you a lot this weekend. We heard from our social worker and we should get our home study in the mail tomorrow.  That gets us one step closer to you. We're excited.

We spent yesterday evening with our small group talking about you and what it will be like when we get you home.  We know it's a long time before we'll see you but we are still so excited. We pray for you often.  Our small group is excited about you, too.  As soon as we get out of our attachment cocoon (the time we'll spend at home with you just learning to be a family), I know you're going to love small group time. You will have instant friends and depending on a lot of factors, they may be really close to your age.

This weekend I also met a momma whose daughter is from your country.  It made me shed happy tears for when I get to hold a picture of you.  She told me that every second we wait for you is from God, that the minute we get to hold your picture in our hands we will know all the waiting was worth it.  I know that's true, IC, and I pray you will have people loving you and holding you and sharing Christ with you until we get to bring you home.

Little IC, I look forward to talking to you again next Monday.  I live in a weird feeling--being so excited to see you and know you and trying not to get stuck in the future. We love you and we pray for you often.  We pray the Lord will bring you to us quickly.


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